Thank You Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show and Tomi Adeyemi

Dear Jimmy, The Tonight Show Staff, and (of course) Tomi,

Thank you!!  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! 

Thank you for promoting reading, for making it fun, for making it cool!

The Tonight Show Summer Reads is brilliant! As a high school library media specialist and an avid reader, I am constantly trying for find ways to encourage students to read. Sadly, our educational system is sucking the joy out of reading with never-ending assessments. I love seeing the excitement on Jimmy's face and hearing the thrill in his voice as he talks about reading The Children of Blood and Bone

I love that you chose a YA Lit book, one with non-stop action and edge of your seat suspense that both men and women (boys and girls) will want to read! I love that it is written by a young, hip and sassy Nigerian American woman, both celebrating diversity and inspiring young writers. 

Tomi, thank you for writing such a powerful book that is not only entertaining but has encouraged readers to learn more about African mythology and religion. I love the way you integrated themes of genocide and racial oppression. In our selfie (and dare I say narcissist?) society, it is crucial that we encourage people to read books that are windows, not mirrors, in order to build empathy and to create understanding in our world today. Tomi, thank you for doing just that!

Finally, thank you for inviting me to be a part of the Q & A session on July 24th. It was AWESOME listening to Jimmy and Tomi talk about the book. I cannot wait to share this experience with students when we return to school in the fall. I can guarantee that The Children of Blood and Bone will not be sitting on our shelves! It will be bringing joy to readers and fostering important conversations!

Thank you for putting reading and books in the headlines!


Kathleen Currie Smith
Library Media Specialist
Ledyard High School & Ledyard Middle School


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