Why Haven't I Blogged Lately?

In March I had the honor of being asked to co-present a session at the Massachusetts School Librarian Association's annual conference. To say the experience was awesome would be an understatement. There is a certain energy I get after spending time with fellow librarians, sharing our passion for igniting the love of reading, discovering new technologies, teaching media literacy, and preparing student with future ready research skills. My mealtime conversations were enough to leave me giddy and excited to start my school week.

I also got to meet two of my professional idols Laura Gardner and Jennifer Casa-Todd. 

Laura and I presented Expand Horizons with Virtual Reality which we collaborate on via Google and officially met that morning. We met on social media and communicate regularly about lesson ideas, technology, and books. 

Jennifer is the author of Social Leadia. Since reading her book, I started following her blog and eventually met her online through social media. We communicated often last summer about her inspiring book.(Jennifer is also a co-worker of George Couros.)

I have shared some of my favorite learning from the day as a Twitter Moment. If you have not used Twitter Moments yet, they are a great way to save and organize tweets 

I could not wait to get back to school and start using what I learned to work with students and teachers, to write grants, and to continue making the library a vibrant welcoming learning space! 

And that is why I have not been blogging lately...


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