LEDtech Evaluation

In my last post I discussed the planning of our first district LEDtech professional day which we held this past Tuesday, November 7th. 

The day was well received by over 99% of the attendees, the data is listed below. 

I ran 3 different sessions that day.  Below are my links and reflections on each.

I began by asking the teachers to view EDpuzzle as a student. They joined the Google Classroom I created for the day and they followed the announcement to the EDpuzzle assignment. They proceeded to watch and answer the questions I had created. 

I used the smart board to project the teacher side of EDpuzzle where teachers can see student progress, their answers, the multiple choice grades and how to grade the free answer.   

Before continuing on we discussed how EDpuzzle can be used in class. I provided this hyperdoc to participants with the list of idea and steps to create an EDpuzzle.

I then gave them an EDpuzzle tour, teaching participants to connect Google Classroom student lists; search the EDpuzzle libraries; and create, assign and post  an EDpuzzle.
Teachers, who ranged from elementary to high school, were given time to find and/or create their own so I could help individuals with any questions.


My NoodleTools group learned how to use the tool as a student and teacher. NoodleTools did provide me with a great slideshow presentation but I took a more hands-on approach, asking participants to create a project. Teachers from subject areas beyond humanities who attended found it helpful to know what students were doing in other areas. The middle school teachers who attended thought there was a lot going on for some of their students.  So we talked about how to use Google Slides in a similar fashion. I also made sure everyone knew about the resources on our school LibGuides for research.

Video Creation Tools

This was an advanced group and also a very eclectic group - ranging from preschool to high school teachers and with 3 administrators. While each one of the tools I introduced could have been a standalone session, I chose I chose to give 10 minute overview of each because of the wide range of participants. I shared this handout  I planned the last 20 minutes for teachers to choose the one they think would be most useful in their class to play with and ask more questions about.  

By this third session, I could tell participants were exhausted. So much new learning in so little time. I also noticed while my first two sessions, the participants wanted to play with the tools, this session, although "advanced" did not jump on and start playing. I encouraged participants to focus on ONE thing they learned in the course of the morning to implement in their classroom.  

A couple participants thought there was too much content and while I agree I also know my reasoning behind the multiple tools. I think if I had tried to showcase 3 tools in a first session it would have not seemed so overwhelming. I also know for next time, this session would be specific to elementary, middle or high school. 

We will be doing an official de-brief with the LEDtech committee and start planning for 2018!'


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