Groundhog's Runaway Shadow Activity Ideas

Groundhog's Day is right around the corner. If you are looking to do something with your students beyond predicting the weather, check out David Biedrzycki's newest book. Groundhog's Runaway Shadow is a creative story is not your traditional "will the groundhog see his show?" storyline and that will lend itself to a variety of student learning opportunities.


In the story, the Groundhog's shadow has a personality of it's own, with likes and dislikes. Use this to discuss personification. 

- Students create "Wanted" signs for their own shadows using creative personification.

- Create "Shadow Cards" similar to a baseball card with a list of personified traits on the back (favorite food, sports, likes, hobbies).   Students can create their own Shadow Card, illustrating their shadow and listing the personified traits on the back of the card 

Student Writing
The shadow decides to leave and follow it's own desire for adventure. Students can write stories about their own shadow's adventures.  

Individuality and Friendship:  In the end the Groundhog and it's shadow find each other again.  Students can discuss value of differences in friendship does not mean doing and liking everything their friends do. It is good to be different!!

United States Geography
As in all David Biedrzycki books, there is a hidden image on each page.  This book has a hidden Pennsylvania on each page.   Use this to learn about states and geography.  Pair with Puzzle Maps USA which takes each state and creates pictures of flowers and clowns, it is the reader's job to figure out each state.  Students could create their own puzzle maps.  


Thank you to David Biedrzycki for sharing his artwork with me!  
Learn more about the author and his books (Ace Lacewing is another favorite of mine!) at   


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