Christmas Reading Traditions

Updated 11/1/17
Here is the list of books I use with my family. 

The holiday rush is here.  I am guilty of getting caught up with the to-do list and forgetting that my biggest responsibility is to create meaningful memories for my son.

When he was born 5 years ago, I decided that I wanted to start a reading tradition that I hope will last...well, forever.  I purchased over 25 Christmas picture books.  Yes, it was a little costly but I bought some in paperback and secondhand to keep the cost down. Plus this was his only Christmas gift (he was a newborn so he did not mind).  I knew (hoped) my initial investment would pay off for years to come.  

Starting December 1st, each night we unwrap a book to read together.  Now that he is five we try to guess which one it will be and we each have our own favorites that we can't wait to get to.  In January they go back in the attic until next year. 

Wrapping the books is the first thing I do to prepare for the season.  It gives me my focus for the season.  I enjoy my couple hours alone, getting the books out and reminiscing about the previous Christmases as I wrap them.  I think about how maybe my son will pass this tradition along to his own children someday and maybe use these exact books.   

Some years I add books and "weed" but never throw away.  The books he outgrows, which this year were the board books, go to a memory box I hope to give my grandchildren.  

We read together every night, but I like making reading together a little different and fun during the holiday so my son does not get too caught up with the "I wants" from his own Christmas list.   

I treasure this time each night with my son and husband as it reminds us all of what is truly important.   

I would love to hear about your favorite Christmas titles or reading traditions!


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