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There are plenty of ways to keep up with news and your favorite blogs.  

Feedly is my preferred aggregator.  I can organize it my feed and it automatically provides me with an organized list of the blogs, RSS feeds and news posts from when when I last checked in. 

A nice feature is once marked "Done", the next time only new posts will appear in the updated feed.  Once a day, I check in to Feedly on my phone, iPad or computer, and browse the latest content. Feedly allows me to easily save articles and to share on social media. 

If you are just getting started with Feedly or another aggregator, here are some suggestions. I am constantly adding to this list but this is what is in my Feedly right now.

Catlin Tucker: Blended Learning & Technology in the Classroom
Class Tech Integrate
EdTech Roundup
EdTech Teacher
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
Edutopia (RSS) 
Free Technology for Teachers
Practical Ed Tech
Principal of Change
Shake Up Learning
Teachers.Tech (YouTube tutorial videos)
Techlearning (RSS)

The Keyword The Official Google Blog
G Suite Update Alerts
Google Education
Teacher Tech (Alice Keeler!!)

The Daring Librarian
Endless Possibilities
Expect the Miraculous
Knowledge Quest
A Media Specialists Guide to the Internet
The Modern Librarian
Nerdy Book Club
OverDrive Blogs
Teen Librarian Toolbox

Uploads from TED

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I LOVE MR. SCHU!!!! To say Mr. Schu is passionate about reading, children, and libraries is an understatement. He embodies everything I want...