Instagram for the Library

Trying to manage social media for my two libraries while also maintaining my personal accounts meant I needed to make some decisions...or my 5 year old son would never see me.  I have a Facebook account that is strictly my personal account.  I use Twitter for my own professional learning and to share information with teachers and students.
I also have a personal Instagram account and last month started Instagram accounts for both my school libraries - @lmslibrary @colonelslibrary.
 Instagram allows users to toggle between accounts without having to log out and  log back in. It also allows users to link multiple accounts to one Twitter account.

I have 3 main purposes for using Instagram for the libraries:
  1. To promote the library program.
  2. To share news and information about events and resources.
  3. To promote literacy.  At the high school level I am working on a #ebooksLHS showcasing ebooks that we have.   



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