English 9: Introduction to Library & Research with Blendspace

I decided to try out TES Teach Blendspace for my English 9 Introduction to Library & Research Lessons.  TES Teach with Blendspace (also an iPad app) allows users to create digital lessons and presentations in minutes.

Set up in a easy to manipulate grid format, users can pull...

YouTube videos
Web Links
Word Doc
Google Drive

Users can also add their own text to boxes, and quizzes.
Blendspace can be shared in a variety of ways:

The Blendspace Lessons Library is a collection of lessons others have created and that you can use, copy and personalize for your own class or just to  look for ideas.  

Teachers can flip their lessons using Blendspace, assigning the activities as homework where students are provided with background information prior to a hands-on assignment in class.  My students were new to Blendspace so I chose to use it as the outline for my instruction and modeled how to go through it, allowing students to open a new tab and practice hands-on after different modules.  They were provided with the link to the Blendspace in their Google Classroom if they needed any reminders (or if they were absent). 

For tips and tutorials for using Blendspace.

Below you will find the Blendspace I created.  You will notice how the empty boxes look at the bottom where I can add additional content.  I can edit and change it at any time which is another great feature.

(Shout out to Jen Thomas @BlendedLibGirl who introduced me to Blendspace and shared her lessons with me to help get me started.)


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