Where to begin?

Taking over for a library media specialist who has spent the past decade revolutionizing the high school library media center is a daunting task to say the least.  Add to that one day at the middle school each and my mind is swimming.  I am sweating just typing that.

Deep breath in.  

Channel my Headspace. 

Deep breath out. 

Sadly, the reason I am in this position is due to budget cuts.  Our district now has 2 librarians for 6 schools. Thankfully, the amazing lms I am taking over for was extremely organized.  Silver lining!!!

Because I am an overachiever, I am wishing that I could just use an external drive to take everything out of her brain and import it into mine.  I know I know that is not how it works.

In order to stay balanced I need to make a plan (in a list form of course).

Year 1 Learn
Learn the collection, procedures, curriculum, staff, & students.

I want to learn
  • what we have : databases, ebooks, bound books. supplies, digital tools, technology 
  • how to use it
  • who uses what 
  • the best way to teach it   
Year 2 Build & Blend
In year 2 I will have a greater sense of the needs of the school to know how to build upon the collection.

Taking Year 1 experience, in Year 2 I will be able to find more ways to blend into curriculum and classes.

Year 3 Implement
In year 3, I will continue to build & blend.  I will also learn and implement more ideas to bring students in to library (makerspace???).

My goal is always to do my best to serve the students and staff at the schools.
I want the library be an inviting place where people want to come and work or relax.

Deep breath in.

Deep breath out.


  1. What a great plan: simple yet powerful. I especially like that you want to spend the first year learning. So many "new" folks want to come in like gangbusters and do stuff without really understanding what is already there. Kudos to you for being smart!


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