OneTab Extension Puts Your Mind at Rest

I am sitting at my computer with what feels like a million tabs open on my Chrome.  You know....when you have so many open you can only see the first letter on each tab?   I won't even try to explain how I am figuring out a way to manage 5 Gmail accounts.

Oh OneTab how I love you!

I added the free OneTab extension to my Chrome a few weeks ago.

Push the funnel-like button and all the tabs you have open funnel in to a list on a web page for you to click from there.

Tab lists are saved until you delete them.  Each list appears as "# tabs" and the date.  You have the option to rename the list, lock the list so it cannot be changed or unlock it to add to it and drag tabs within a list or to other lists.  

OneTab is available from your Chrome or Firefox account.   OneTab lists can be shared with others as a web page.

The image below is a screenshot of my OneTab.

Some ways I plan to use OneTab:

1. Freshman Orientation.  I will be co-teaching several sessions.  Instead of reloading links prior to each session, I can just OneTab my way back to start.  Similarly, if you are teaching multiple sections of the same class or giving the same presentation and need to access web sites, you can use OneTab to get you back to starting point without having to reopen each tab.

2.  Share Resources with teachers or students. When asked to help find resources, I can have multiple tabs open with relevant web sites  OneTab it and send that list as a URL to the student or teacher.

3.  Take a Rest. As I am learning all the resources at my new job at the high school, I am often working in multiple tabs, figuring out how resources operate together.  I can take a break and know I can get right back to work later thanks to OneTab.

Besides the work functionality of OneTab, it saves memory as you do not have multiple tabs open which may speed up your computer.


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