Calm & Patience with Headspace

August is a highly emotional month.  I am sad that summer and unlimited time with my family is over for another year.  Excited about the school year ahead.  Nervous about the new challenges.  Stressed over all I have to do.

I feel like my mind starts going in a million directions.  I try to make the most of my days with my son but want to get prepared as possible for the year ahead, without being over-prepared.
YES! Over-prepared is a thing that Type A teachers will understand.  We Type A folks function best when over-prepared but there is a cost....that of mental and physical exhaustion.

"Your challenge will be to be patient with yourself."  

I was visiting a friend  who happens to be my former administrator at the end of June, telling her about my new position at the high school and middle school and how I didn't even know where to start preparing.   "Your challenge will be to be patient with yourself."

Sometimes it takes the wise voice of someone who knows you well and who is sitting outside observing to make you recognize your abilities.  She knew, as well as I did, that I would not go into this job ill-prepared and that it was more than okay for me not to know all of the answers right out of the gate.  A tough pill to swallow for this Type A girl but once it settled I knew she was right.

It was as if the universe knew patience is what I needed.
Headspace just released their Patience Pack.

Headspace has changed my life.  Headspace calls itself "your gym membership for the mind".  Accessed on a computer or through a mobile app, Headspace makes meditation simple and accessible.  It has made me a better mother, wife, daughter, overall more centered person.

I have been using it (almost) daily for over a year now and it has given me the tools to focus and remain calm.  I knew the research on meditation and I love the savasana part of yoga but to commit myself to sitting still every morning for a set period of time all by myself was not going to happen.   I wasn't even really sure what I was supposed to be doing sitting there breathing.

Headspace explains it all.  Founder, Andy Puddicombe, talks me right through a guided meditation, with his smooth and charming accent.  Sometimes, he provides a short video to help explain and visualize a concept.  This is one of my favorites:

Headspace is a paid subscription if you want more than the basic 10 sessions.  I started with the free 10 before subscribing and it was worth every penny.  (Plus, let's face it if you pay for something you are more likely to use it....kind of like with Weight Watchers right?) Subscribing allows access to mediation series on a variety of topics such as Relationships, Anxiety, Happiness, Focus, and Health.  You can choose how long you want to meditate 10, 15 or 20 minutes.  If I do more than 10 minutes I am interrupted by my son.  I love it and I am excited to start the Patience Pack to get me ready for the school year!

Headspace was created by Andy Puddicombe. Check out his Ted Talk when you get a chance.


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