What am I blogging about?

As a library media specialist, my job is just as much about supporting teachers with resources and technology for their teaching as it is about providing learning experiences for students.

This blog is:
  • A place to document my transition to the middle school and high school library media centers. 
  • A place to reflect on my teaching practice and professional learning.  
  • A place to share ideas for my new colleagues and my former colleagues (hard to take the elementary school out of this librarian, especially having my own young child at home).  
  • And let's be honest, a place to reference when evaluation time rolls around.    

A little background
I have spent the past 18 years as an elementary school library media specialist.  It was a job I knew I wanted to do since I was in elementary school myself (a million years ago when the school library program was solely books and the Dewey Decimal system).

I have loved (almost) every minute and could keep doing this job for another 20 years.  I love that I never feel stagnant.  There are always new books, new programs, new technology, new lessons, new ideas.  Being a library media specialist feeds my love of learning and my love of teaching.  

However, this school year I was presented with an opportunity to move to the secondary level in my district.   It is bittersweet.

The bitter:
  • Due to state budget cuts, our district eliminated a library media specialist position.  
  • I am saddened that the program that I worked so hard to build will be changing and younger students will not have access to a certified library media specialist on a regular basis.  
  • I will be leaving a group of amazing teachers that I can truly say are family.
The sweet:
  • I will be working with my former students and helping them in their educational journey. 
  • I will not be teaching 30 classes a week.
  • I get to enter a whole new world of learning.
  • YA literature!!!
Change is good.
I am focusing on the sweet and am very excited about the school year ahead.


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